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40 Powerpoint Mental Starters

for Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons

Year 6 Mental Starters Presentations (With Screenshots).
Each presentation contains 20 questions, with the answer appearing after each question.

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Number Lines

Number Words - Missing Letters

Numbers in Words

Percentage Calculations


Percentage Shaded


Probability - Fractions

Probability - Words


Short Division

Simple Equations

Subtraction - 1 and 2 digit

Symmetry Roadsigns


Time - 24 hour clock

Time - am or pm

Using a Menu

Using a Ruler

 Add and Subtract Fractions

 Addition - 2 & 3 Digit

 Addition - 1 & 2 Digit

 Area - Rectangles


 Area and Perimeter

 Bar Charts

 Collecting Terms - Same Letters

 Converting Metric Units



Distance Chart

Division - Large Numbers

Fraction Sales Discount


Fractions of Amounts

Function Machines

Measuring Cylinders

Missing Symbols


Mixed Calculations

Mode & Range

Multiplication Tables

Multiplying Money


Name the Shape

Negative Numbers

Number Blocks - Decimals

Number Blocks - Whole Numbers


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