Year 8

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40 Powerpoint Mental Starters

for Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons

Year 8 Mental Starters Presentations (With Screenshots).
Each presentation contains 20 questions, with the answer appearing after each question.


 3 Digit Products

 Adding Algebraic Terms

 Adding Metric Weights

 Adding Positive and Negative Numbers


 Addition Squares (Positive Numbers)

 Addition Triangles

 Angles in Parallel Lines

 Comparing Root Size


Coordinates in all Four Quadrants

Dual Bar Diagrams

Equations of Lines

Fast Addition


Fractions as Decimals

Highest Common Factor

Hours and Minutes

Inverse Functions


Missing Numbers

Multiplying Algebraic Expressions

Multiply and Divide Negative Numbers

Number Sequences


Number Spikes

Odd Fraction Out

Percentage Increase & Decrease

Price Increase


Probabiltity from Tables

Square Root Products

Square Roots

Rounding 10 100 1000


Rounding - Decimal Places

Simplifying Ratios

Squares and Roots

Standard Form


Thermometers (Negative Numbers)

Train Journey Times

Train Timetable



Two Step Functions

Two Way Table

Volumes of Cuboids

Worded Question



The Year 8 Presentations Are:

NUMBER (23 Starters)

3-digit Products     *     Adding Positive and Negative Numbers     *     Addition Squares (Positive Numbers)
Addition Triangles     *     Comparing Root Size     *     Fast Addition
Fractions as Decimals     *     Highest Common Factor     *     Missing Numbers
Multiply and Divide Negative Numbers     *     Number Spikes     *     Odd Fraction Out
Percentage Increase and Decrease     *     Price Increases     *     Rounding 10 100 1000
Rounding - Decimal Places     *     Simplifying Ratios     *     Square Root Products
Square Roots     *     Squares and Roots     *     Standard Form
Thermometers (Negative Numbers)     *     Worded Questions

ALGEBRA (6 Starters)

Adding Algebraic Terms     *     Equations of Lines     *     Inverse Functions
Multiplying Algebraic Expressions     *     Number Sequences     *     Two Step Functions


Adding Metric Weights     *     Angles in Parallel Lines     *     Co-ordinates in all Four Quadrants
Hours and Minutes     *     Train Journey Times     *     Train Timetable
Translations     *     Volumes of Cuboids

HANDLING DATA (3 Starters)

Dual Bar Diagrams     *     Probability from Tables     *     Two Way Table





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