Media Options

The following options are available for purchading our products.

1.  Digital Download.

ALL PRODUCTS can be purchased as a Digital Download.  These need to be paid for online at the time of purchase, either using paypal, or using your credit/debit card, by choosing "Paypal", then "Pay as a Paypal Guest".  This is always the most economical way of purchasing our poducts.


2.  CD

Most (but not all) of our products are available as CDs.



ALL PRODUCTS can be purchased on an 8Gb flash drive (There'll always be enough space left on this drive for you to use to store your own personal documents).  Flash drives cost an additional £6.50 each, and you can buy just one for all  the items in your order, or as many as you like.  If you elect to purchase each item on a separate flash drive, then we will put all the items from your order on each flash drive, so they'll all be the same.



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