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75 Powerpoint Mental Starters

for Year 5 Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons

You can choose to have this provided on an 8Gb Flash Drive, or sent electronically.


This contains 75 Powerpoints, all current, and fully linked to the Current National Curriculum.  There's at least one Powerpoint Mental Starter for every statement on the Curriculum. 

You will receive all the powerpoint presentations, a spreadsheet showing the links to the national curriculum, plus a screenshot of each powerpoint, so you can see at a glance what they look like.


Year 5 Mental Starters Presentations (With Screenshots).
Each presentation contains 20 questions, with the answer appearing after each question.

2 Digit Adding Pairs

 Add 3 Take 3

 Add 5 Take 5

Angle Estimating

Angle Measuring

 Angles in a Corner

Angles in a Turn

Angles on a Line

Area - Rectangles

Around the Rectangle

Biggest Decimal

Bigger Fraction

 Common Factor

Composite Numbers

Decimal Order

Decimal Rounding

Decimals to Fractions

Difference Clouds

 Different Denominator Fractions

Digit Fans

Digit Values


Division Chain

Division Star - Decimals

Division Star - Whole Numbers

Double Digit Multiply

Drawer Totals

Equivalent Fraction Lines

Factor Pairs

Finding Parts

 Fraction Add and Convert

Fraction Order

Irregular Areas

L Perimeters

 Line Graphs

 Metric and Imperial Units

Metric Length Conversions

Metric Mass and Volume Conversions

Missing Digits - Adding

Missing Digits - Subtracting

 Missing Number Divide

Missing Number Multiply

Missing Number Problems

Mixed Number and improper Fraction Conversions

Multiplication Chain

Multiplication Spinner

Multiply by 10 100 1000 - Decimals

Multiply by 10 100 1000 - Whole Numbers

Mystery Box Prices

One Arm Bandit

Percentage Conversion

Percentage Stars

Picking Primes

Picture Fraction Multiply

Reflected Points

Regular and Irregular Polygons


Roman Columns to 1000

Roman Years

Rounding Check

Rounding Under 1000000


Same Demnominator Fractions

See Saw Weights

Shape Choices

Single Digit Multiply


Square Numbers

Square, Cube, Both or Neither

Step Down

Step Up


Sweet Shares

Test Scores

Thermometer Reading



Time Changes

Town Bus

Translated Points 



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