Numeracy Skills


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40 Exciting and Colourful Powerpoint Mental Starters to Develop Numeracy Skills

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Each presentation contains 20 questions (A screenshot of each powerpoint presentation is show below), with the answer appearing after each question.




 + 2 and 3 Digit Numbers

 + Five Numbers under 50

 + Four Double Digits

 + Four Single Digits

 + Three 2-Digit Decimals

 + Three Double Digits

 + Three Multiples of 10

 + Two 2-Digit Decimals

+ Two Three Digit Numbers

+ Various Numbers and Decimals

- Decimal Take Whole Number

- Four Digit Starting Numbers

- Mixed Subtractions

- Subtracting Multiples of 5

- Subtracting Multiples of 10

- Three Digit take Three Digit

- Three Digit take Two Digit

- Two Digit take Single Digit

- Two Digit take Two Digit

- Whole Number minus Decimal

x 2 Digit Decimal x Whole Number

x Multiplying by 5

x Multiplying by 10 100 1000

x Squaring Decimals

x Squaring Whole Numbers

x Three Digit times Single Digit

x Times Table Practice

x Two Digit x Two Digit

x Two Digit times Single Digit

x Two Multiples of 10

÷2 Digit Decimal by Single Digit

÷3 Digit Decimal by Single Digit

÷3 Digit divided by Single Digit

÷Dividing by 3, 6 and 9

÷Dividing by 10, 100, 1000

÷Dividing by Fractions

÷Dividing Numbers from Times Tables

÷Finding a Fifth


÷Mixed Divisions


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