Escape from Exmas Manor KS2

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Escape from Exmas Manor KS2 - A Christmas Escape Room Activity


Your students will love this Escape Room activity in which they solve a series of maths problems

The activity is designed for KS2 students.
There are 6 problems, each in a different “room” of “Exmas Manor”. Students must solve each one before they
move on to the next. Access to the next problem is by inputting the “Escape Code” in the Powerpoint Show
which leads them through the activity.
The skills required to solve the problems are:

Room 1: Adding times (hours and minutes).
Room 2: Solving pictorial equations.
Room 3: Fractions of amounts (prices).
Room 4: Finding totals from given information.
Room 5: Using mathematical rules.
Room 6: Area of Triangles and Rectangles.

You are provided with the Powerpoint Slideshow for students, a teachers powerpoint with answers, and a PDF which pupils can use to record their answers. This also includes answers for teachers, plus the Christmas card for room 6.

Product Code: ExmasKS2