KS3 Cross Curricular Numeracy


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40 Powerpoint Mental Starters:

for Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons - Also for Science, Geography and History Lessons.

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Promote Cross Curricular Numeracy at KS3



40 Powerpoints all designed to enhance cross curricular numeracy.  

Not just starters - these can be used at any time in the lesson.

Could be used either in mathematics lessons, or in the subject specific lessons, as listed below:

Each powerpoint contains 20 questions - the answer appears after each question.

   Science:  15 powerpoints

   Geography 15 powerpoints

   History:  10 powerpoints


You receive:

All 40 powerpoint presentations.

A screenshot of each powerpoint, showing at a glance what they look like.



The screenshots from all 40 powerpoint presentations are shown below:

Science Numeracy Starters


 Adding Metric Weights

 Converting to and from Standard Form

 Hours and Minutes

 Metric Unit Conversions

 Reading Thermometers


 Measuring Cylinders



Formula Triangles

Metric Units - Area & Volume


Speed Distance Time

Straight Line Graphs


Thermometer Differences

Balancing Chemical Equations

Geography Numeracy Starters


 Approximating Land Areas

 Compass Directions

 Converting Metric Units

 Distances Chart

 European Flags Ratio


 European Temperature Data

 Following Directions

 Land Use Bar Charts

Land Use Pie Charts

Map Scales


Mountain Height Differences

Numbers from Facts

Six Figure Grid References

Temperature and Rainfall Graphs

UK Population Differences

History Numeracy Starters


 Age of Invention


 Comparing Dates

 Historical Ages

 History Bar Charts


 History Pie Charts

 Reading Tables

 Royal Family Tree

Time Scale



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