Maths Topics KS3


Product Description

Maths Topics KS3.


Currently in production, this series of powerpoints will explain all Maths Topics at KS3.

This exciting product will contain many examples, so will be an ideal tool for all of your KS3 classes.

We expect there to be around 100 powerpoint presentations, with over 3000 slides.

We hope to be able to release this product in 2020 (Some of the individual powerpoints are currently available to purchase individually).  

Once written, all powerpoints will be available to purchase separately for between £2.50 - £8 approx per powerpoint (depending on size).


To reflect the quantity of material, we expect that the Full Retail price will be £299, which may increase on release. 


There will be an introductory discount price (Probably around £150) when the product is first released.


We are releasing some of the individual powerpoints in advance of the full package, and these are available here in the *NEW* Individual Powerpoints for KS3 section of this website.

Many of the Number  topics powerpoitns for KS3 are now written, so if you'd us to list one on here, please let us know and we'll release it if it's ready.

Product Code: MT KS3