FULL KS2 Powerpoint Mental Starters

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Promote MASTERY within Mathematics at KS2

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275 Powerpoints, all new, and fully linked to the current National Curriculum, grouped by year group.  

At least one Powerpoint Mental Starter for every statement on the Curriculum.

Not just starters - these can be used at any time in your lesson.

Each powerpoint contains 20 questions.

   Year 3:  65 powerpoints

   Year 4:  65 powerpoints

   Year 5:  75 powerpoints

   Year 6:  70 powerpoints


You receive:

All 275 powerpoint presentations.

A spreadsheet showing links to the National Curriculum.

A screenshot of each powerpoint, showing at a glance what they look like.



To give an idea of the format of this product, click on the images below to download the samples.

(These are for personal viewing only, not for classsroom use)

Fastest Runner

from the 2016
KS2 Pack (Year 3)

Spring Balance

from the 2016
KS2 Pack (Year 4)

 Drawer Totals

from the 2016
KS2 Pack (Year 5)

Division with

from the 2016
KS2 Pack (Year 6)



Click Here to download a PDF containing a sample screenshot from each of the KS2 Powerpoint Mental Starters

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