Pythagoras: Theme Park Power Lines

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Pythagoras: Theme Park Power Lines


This activity is from the Maths Topics Tasks Series.


This is a fantastic activity to practise and reinforce finding the hypotenuse in right angled triangles using Pythagoras’ Theorem.

The activity then involves finding the cost of the power cables using information provided, and then finding how long it takes to cover the costs of each power line given the daily profit of the attractions in the theme park.

This activity is suitable for use at both KS3 and KS4, depending upon whenever you choose to introduce and/or reinforce Pythagoras’ Theorem.

Students will love using this activity, and it also provides scope for an exciting classroom display should you choose to display the students’ work.
You are provided with an 18 slide (plus a start and end screen) Powerpoint Presentation which fully explains the activity, and then goes through all of the methods and answers (with two methods of showing the working for calculating the side lengths).

You are also provided with a PDF which has a pupil page to fully explain the activity (which can be used alongside the powerpoint), as well as pages for pupils to use to fill in the answers to all parts of the activity. These pages are also provided fully filled in with answers for the teacher.

Now is the time to get this resource, I am currently offering this at an introductory low price to allow as many teachers/schools the opportunity to purchase this. The price will soon increase though due to the time taken to produce the resource.

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