Winter Snowflake: Nets, Tally Charts, Bar Charts

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Winter Snowflake Activity:  Nets, Bar Charts, Tally Charts


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Winter Snowflake Dice Activity

An ideal low cost resource for the Winter Term.

This fun but educational activity looks at nets of solids, tally charts, and bar charts.

Pupils’ work from this activity could make an ideal classroom display, and is suitable for pupils of varying age and activities.

This PDF resource involves pupils making both a cube and a tetrahedron from the given nets (which can be photocopied onto card).

The faces of the cube have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 snowflakes on them, and the Tetrahedron faces have 1, 2, 3, or 4 snowflakes on them (which could be decorated by the pupils before assembling the solid).
Each of the solids is then rolled 60 times, and the number it lands on is recorded in a tally chart.

This is then used to draw a bar chart, and comments on the bar chart can be made.

The 5 pages of the PDF are:
A page of instructions
A page with a Net for the Cube
A page with two nets for the Tetrahedron (in two different sizes)
A page to record the tally chart, bar chart and comments for the Cube
A page to record the tally chart, car chart and comments for the Tetrahedron

The pupils then use these solids to make a tally chart.

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