Year 1 Powerpoint Mental Starters


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60 Powerpoint Mental Starters for Year 1

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60 Powerpoints, all fully linked to the current National Curriculum.  

At least one Powerpoint Mental Starter for every statement on the Curriculum.

Not just starters - these can be used at any time in your lesson.

Each powerpoint contains 20 questions.


You receive:

All 60 powerpoint presentations.

A spreadsheet showing links to the National Curriculum.

A screenshot of each powerpoint, showing at a glance what they look like.



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2D Shape Pictures

from the
KSPack (Year 1)


2 Digit Abacus

2D Shape People

2D Shape Pictures

3D Shapes

Adding Boat

Adding Machines

Biggest Number

Bucket Weights

Calculator Addition

Coins and Notes


Days, Months, Years

Dice Totals

Earlier or Later

Event Words

Film Numbers

 Give the Weight

House Numbers

How Many Animals

How Many More

How Many

Is a Half Shaded

Is it a Quarter

Larger or Smaller


Lighter or Heavier

Liquid Levels

Measuring Length

Missing Numbers - Add

Missing Numbers - Take

 More or Less Than

More or Less


Mouse Maze

Multiply Columns

Number Balloons

Number Tracks


Numbers as Words

One Less

One More

Penny Shares



Quicker or Slower

Robot Heights

Rows Times Columns


Signpost Addition

Single Digit Takeaway

Spinner Turns

Star Add


Star Additions

Star Take

Straight or Curved

Sweet Shares

Taking Odd Numbers

Tank Totals

Telling Time

Ten More

Tens and Units

Time Quiz

Twenty Balloons

Volume Words


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