Year 4 Powerpoint Mental Starters


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65 Powerpoint Mental Starters

for Year 4 Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons

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This contains 65 Powerpoints, all current, and fully linked to the Current National Curriculum.  There's at least one Powerpoint Mental Starter for every statement on the Curriculum. 

Your download contains all the powerpoint presentations, a spreadsheet showing the links to the national curriculum, plus a screenshot of each powerpoint, so you can see at a glance what they look like.


Year 4 Mental Starters Presentations (With Screenshots).
Each presentation contains 20 questions, with the answer appearing after each question.

£1000 Winner

4 Digit Place Values

1000 more and 1000 Less

Abacus Numbers - 5 and 6 Digits

 Acute or Obtuse

Add Pad 3 and 4 Digits

Angle Ordering

Bar Chart Questions

Biggest Decimal

Cake Sharing


Coordinate Building

 Counting Backwards

Decimal Digit Values

Decimal Equivalents

Decimal Lines

Digital Clock

Distributive Multiplying

 Dividing by 10 and 100

Equivalent Fraction Strips

Factor Pairs

Fraction Adding

Fraction Taking

Fraction Wheel

Fractions of Money

Fruit Table

Grid Positions

Hours and Minutes

Hundredths Fractions

Hundredths Jumps

Inverse Check

Metres and Kilometres


Missing Numbers

Missing Points

 Missing Weights

 Money Off Vouchers


Moving Stars

Multiplying by a Single Digit

Nearest Number

Number Ladders 6 7 and 9 times tables


 Number Ladders 25s and 1000s

 Number Range Bar Charts

Ordering Tickets

Pictogram Questions


Price Labels

Rectilinear Areas

Rectilinear Perimeters

Reflect a Shape


Robot Ages

Roman Columns 1 to 50

Roman Columns 51 to 100

Rounding Banner


Shaded Equivalents

Small Answers

Spring Balance

Symmetry Lines


Tables Grid

Tables Hoops

Take Pad 3 and 4 Digits

Three Number Multiply


Time Graphs

Time Problems

Unit Fraction Flash Cards

Which Quadrilateral


Which Triangle





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