GDPR & Privacy Policy

Privacy / GDPR Compliance Policy

We will ensure to protect the privacy of all customers and potential customers.

Information we collect will only be used in a lawful way and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR 2018.  We will not publish or pass your details to any other third party.


Signing up to Our Website.

If you sign up to our website, the only data stored is the information you provide when you sign up.  This is limited to contact details (name, address, e-mail, Telephone Numbers), and is stored on by our Web Hosts according to their data compliance policies.  We have access to this data, but will only use this to contact you in connection with orders you place with us.  We may also use this to send newsletters to you, although as yet we don't produce a newsletter.


Cookies Policy

Our website does not use cookies, so we do not store or access any data about you as a result of visiting our website.


Placing an Order with us.

Paying by Invoice.

When you place an order with us and pay using an invoice, the only data we will hold will be the data you see on the invoice.  We will retain electronic copies of the invoice on these on our office computers (which are not accessible by anyone other than us), and cloud storage (which we use under the licence terms of the cloud storage provider.  These records only contain contact information (name, address, e-mail address), and a record of the items you have purchased from us, together with the cost of this.  We do not retain any data relating to bank accounts or other forms of payment.

Paying by Paypal

We operate Paypal  payment facilities on our website, in accordance with Paypal Terms and Conditions.  We do not store any of your payment details.

Paying over the Phone

We can accept card payments via telephone, using our Paypal Card Payment System.  Any information you provide us with in order to pay for an order is entered directly into our Paypal Card Payment Reader, and are not retained by us in any form.


E-Mail and Direct Mail Marketing Policy.


We use e-mail and direct mail data to market our products to schools.  We use data purchased from Data Supply Companies, who provide this in accordance with their terms.

We store the purchased data on our computers systems.  We only store data necessary to operate our business.

We send e-mail marketing which complies with the GDPR regulations.  The GDPR allows marketing to e-mail addresses which includes a named person (eg: as long as the marketing is of legitimate interest (our e-mails are directed to teachers who use our products).  We will therefore send marketing e-mails to schools and colleges, as they are institutions which have a specific reason to purchase our products.  We will use either generic e-mail addresses, or named staff member addresses (as provided to us in our purchase from our data provider) to send e-mail which may be of a specific interest to the receiver.  These e-mails will not cause any negative effect to the recipient, nor will they compromise privacy as there will be no personal details attached to such data.  There is always the option to out-out of these e-mails, as per our ‘e-mail opt-out policy’ below

Generic e-mails such as are not directed to a named individual and hence do not compromise anyone's privacy.


E-mail opt-out policy

When we use e-mail marketing, we will provide an opt-out statement on the e-mail, similar to the following:

“In compliance with the GDPR, you have received this e-mail because it has been sent to a generic school e-mail account, or a named school staff member e-mail account where we believe there to be a Legitimate Interest in our products.  We don’t send e-mails very often, but they help us to inform schools about our resources.  We hope you don’t, but if you do wish to unsubscribe from our e-mails, please reply to this e-mail using the title “Unsubscribe”, and then include the e-mail address we used to contact you in the message body.”


Our website offers the option of subscribing to a newsletter.  As yet we don't send newsletters, but if we decide to in future, we will use your information to send this to you if you have opted in.


Please contact us if you have any further questions relating to the privacy of your data.



Updated May 1st 2021.