Terms & Conditions

All details of our products are available via our website.

Your order will be delivered electronically - This will be instant if you pay online

For schools unable to pay online, goods will be released electronically for you to download when we have received BACS payment for the invoice.

You are purchasing the rights to use our resources within your own establishment only, and they must not be made available to anyone outside your establishment.  You many only place them on a school network if you have purchased the full school use rights, and your network is secure and accessible only by school staff and/or pupils.  This applies to our resources whether purchased from our own website, or from TES or TPT.


e-mail is the best way of contacting us, as we are not always in the office.

Inpurchasing our products, you are onlypurchasing the entitlement to use them, and only in the school by which they are purchased, and in the language in which the materials are provided.  You may not translate our resources into any other language without permission.  They may also be used by staff in their own homes for preparing lessons.  They must not be copied for any other purposes or passed on to other establishments, nor may they be used for any form of training, other than for the training of staff in the school by which they were originally purchased. 

Copies of resources maynotbe retained by staff once they leave the school which originally purchased the material.

If your school changes its name or overall management (such as converting to an academy), then you must re-purchase items to be able to continue using them.

Due to the nature of our products, once ordered they are non-returnable, and are only released once we have received payment in full.


Please note that we supply strictly on our terms only and by placing an order with us you are agreeing to our terms.



Purchase of products by private individuals entitles that individual to use the items for their own teaching alone, and only for the teaching of the subject matter - Such products may not be placed on any network accessible to others.


Updated 12th November 2023.