About Us

We mainly provide digital resources for Mathematics and Numeracy.  Powerpoint Mental Starters and Math Topics Powerpoints are ideal for Teaching Mathematics, for use in Primary and Secondary Schools at Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4.  We also produce PDFs


Our products are highly visualand ideal for starting off mathematics and numeracy lessons, and also for the teaching of topics themselves.  We also produce powerpoints which are not maths related, such as our popular Weekly General Knowledge Quiz products (which are timeless and can be used again and again with different year groups).  We can also write bespoke powerpoints if you ask us.

We also have two KS3 Cross Curricular Numeracy Starters products (Each one covers different subject areas), which are an ideal resource for developing Cross Curricular Numeracy.  We have priced our products very competitively so that they are affordable by all schools.

Products are always in development, and you can always contact us if you have any powerpoints you would like to see written.  We can provide bespoke powerpoints, or add your suggestions to our ever expanding range.

Maths Topics for KS2 and KS4 are available, and between them they do cover most, if not all, Maths Topics from Levels 1 to 8.

"Powerpoint Mental Starters" was established in April 2006, and since then our products have proved popular with many hundreds of schools throughout the UK and also worldwide.  In the early days, our products were all provided on CD.  We then added Flash Drives and Electronic Delivery options, but are currently moving towards Electronic Only delivery, as this allows you to always receive the most-up-to date and current version of a product.

Some of our products are available on other resource websites, but purchasing directly from us is always the most economical way of purchasing our resources.