Escape from Castle Mathula


Product Description

Escape from Castle Mathula - An Escape Room Activity


This is a fantastic new Escape Room. Aimed at KS3, but could also be used with KS4 students. Ideal as an end of term or end of topic activity, or as useful revision of topics.

Each of the Six Rooms in Castle Mathula contains a maths problem/puzzle.

The skills required to solve the problems are:
Room 1: Areas of squares using given diagonal lengths.
Room 2: Lengths in right angled triangles (using Pythagoras’ Theorem or by scale drawing).
Room 3: Volumes of cubes and cuboids.
Room 4: Area of rectangles and triangles, and volume of a cuboid and triangular prism.
Room 5: Area of squares and circles.
Room 6: Volume of cylinders.

You are provided with the following four files:

The original Powerpoint Show which pupils could use throughout the activity.

NEW Redesigned Powerpoint Show with enhanced theming - this is the one we recommend pupils use throughout the activity.

A Teacher Powerpoint to introduce the activity, and go through all the answers at the end.

A PDF containing instructions, fill in sheets for pupils (should you choose to use these), and full answers.

This is a full lesson which your students will enjoy.

Product Code: EscapeCM