KS3 More Cross Curricular Numeracy


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45 More Powerpoint Mental Starters:

for Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons - Also for Physical Education, Design Technology (Electronics, Food & Resistant Materials), Business Studies, French and German Lessons.

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Promote Cross Curricular Numeracy at KS3



45 Powerpoints all designed to enhance cross curricular numeracy.  

Not just starters - these can be used at any time in the lesson.

Could be used either in mathematics lessons, or in the subject specific lessons, as listed below:

Each powerpoint contains 20 questions - the answer appears after each question.

   Physical Education:  10 powerpoints

   Design Technology 15 powerpoints (5 Electronics, 5 Food and 5 Resistant Materials)

   Business Studies:  10 powerpoints

   French:  5 powerpoints

   German:  5 powerpoints


You receive:

All 45 powerpoint presentations.

A screenshot of each powerpoint, showing at a glance what they look like.



The screenshots from all 45 powerpoint presentations are shown below:

Physical Education Numeracy Starters

 2012 Olympic Medal Bar Chart

 Average Speed

 Body Mass Index

 Cardiac Output

 Heart Rate Graphs


 Marathon Fractions & Percentages

 Snooker Angles

 Sports Equipment Purchases

Sports Pictograms

Swimming Data


Design Technology Numeracy Starters

Electronics:  Ammeters

 Electronics:  Ohm's Law

 Electronics:  Resistors in Parallel

 Electronics:  Resistors in Series

Electronics:  Voltmeters


Food:  Calorie Counter

 Food:  Food Ingredients Labels

 Food:  Oven Temperatures

Food:  Recipe Pie Charts

Food:  Recipe Ratios


Resistant Materials:  Area of Sheet Materials

Resistant Materials:  Gantt Charts

Resistant Materials:  Materials Costs Tables 

Resistant Materials:  Nuts and Bolts 

Resistant Materials: Volume of Materials 


Business Studies Numeracy Starters

Annual Sales Graphs

 Balance Sheets

 Break Even Charts

 Exchange Rate Graphs

 Gross Profit Margin


 Gross Wage Calculations

Salary Deductions

 Time Management

Value Added Tax



French Numeracy Starters

 Les Cheques

  Mathématiques Français

  Quelle Heure Est-Il

  Quiz de Mathématiques

  Utilisation d’un menu

German Numeracy Starters

 Die Schecks

 Deutsche Mathe

 Wie Spät ist es

 Mathe Quiz

 Eine Speisekarte benutzen


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