Key Stage 4 Powerpoint Mental Starters: Foundation and Higher

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160+ Powerpoint Mental Starters for Foundation and Higher Level

Numeracy and Mathematics Lessons

Key Stage 4 Mental Starters Presentations (With Screenshots).
Each presentation typically contains 20 questions, with the answer appearing after each question.

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Foundation Screenshots


 Addition Grid

 Angles - Lines and Full Turns

 Angles - Parallel Lines

 Angles in Triangles

 Area Rectangle, Triangle, Parallelogram



 BODMAS Calculations

 Bus Timetables

Changing the Subject of a Formula

Choosing the Correct Units


Circle Areas

Circle Circumferences

Collecting Terms

Converting between Decimals, Fractions and Percentages

Co-ordinate Rules


Cuboid Volumes


Easy Equations


Equation Balances


Equations with Brackets

Equivalent Fractions

Expanding Single Brackets


Finding Half Way


Formula Substitution

Fraction Calculations - Add and Take

Fraction Calculations - Multiply and Divide

Fractions of Amounts

Highest Common Factors


Horizontal and Vertical Graphs

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Mean Calculations

Mental Division

Mental Multiplication


Mid Points

Missing Co-ordinates

Missing Numbers

Mode and Range

Multiplying and Dividing by 10 100 1000


 Near Roots

 Negative Numbers (Add and Take)

 Negative Numbers (Multiply and Divide)

 Number Scales

 Numbers as Words


 One Sided Inequalities

 Parallel Line Graphs

 Percentage Increase and Decrease

Percentages of Amounts

Powers and Reciprocals


Probabilities from Events

Probabilities from Pictures

Proportional Prices

Proportional Weights

Pythagoras Areas


Pythagoras Sides

Quick Subtraction

Ratio Divisions

Reading Statistical Diagrams

Rectangle Perimeters



Rounding Numbers

Sequence Terms

Shaded Fractions

Similar Shapes


Simplifying Ratios

Simplifying Algebra - Powers

Speed Distance and Time

Squares, Cubes and Roots

Standard Form Conversions


Standard Form Corrections

Stem and Leaf Diagrams

Straight Line Graphs

Terms from Sequence Rules

Translation Vectors



Two Sided Inequalities

Two Step Functions

Two Way Tables

Unit Conversions


 Higher Screenshots - Sample only - All presentations are complete, but are not depicted 


 3d Pythagoras

 Adding & Subtracting Algebraic Fraction

Arc Length

 Area and Volume Conversions

Area of Triangle Approximations


 Box Plots

Change of Subject

 Circle Areas

Circle Equations

Completing the Square


Cones - Curved Surface Area

Converting Units

Cosine Rule

Cumulative Frequency

Difference of Squares


Difference of Squares Calculations


Direct Proportion

Dividing into Given Ratios



Fraction Calculations

Gradients from Pairs of Co-ordinates


Histogram Tables



Independent Probabilities

Index Rules

Inequalities on Number Lines

Inequality Regions

Inequality Values


Inverse Proportion

Line Mid-points

Linear Equations Including Brackets

Mode, Median, Mean and Range

Multiplying and Dividing with Decimals


Percentage Increase and Decrease Multipliers

Percentage Increase or Decrease

 Percentages of Amounts

 Perimeters using Algebra

 Perpendicular Gradients


 Power Multiplication and Division

 Powers - Missing Values

 Prime or Not

Probability Tables



Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Formula

Quadratic Sequence Rules



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