Maths Topics Homework Sheets for Year 3 PDF Booklet


Product Description

A fantastic PDF Homework Booklet for Year 3 Mathematics.

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This practical learning tool includes 40 single-sided A4 homework sheets, covering topics on the Year 3 National Curriculum.  Delivered to you electronically.  We recommend one homework sheet to be set each week, with any remaining sheets to be set as holiday homework. This invaluable resource will provide all of your Year 3 homework for the entire year, hence saving you time in planning.

As the year progresses, pupils could put their completed sheets into a homework file or folder, hence providing a full homework record for every pupil in your Year 3 class.
Alternatively, the PDF book could be printed out and stapled or ring-bound to make a complete book for each pupil.
The sheets can be tackled in any order depending upon your own scheme of work for Year 3.  They appear in this book broadly in the order in which the topics are listed in the National Curriculum.
Answers are also provided in the form of fully filled-in sheets.  This should make marking easy and also allows for the relevant page to be projected onto a screen in your classroom to allow for peer marking.

Can be used with all Year 3 pupils (and for as many years to come as you wish).

The titles of the homework sheets are:

1.Counting in Multiples
2.Finding 10 or 100 More, or Less
3.Place Value
4.Comparing and Ordering Numbers
5.Representing and Estimating Numbers
6.Reading and Writing Numbers
7.Solving Number Problems
8.Adding Numbers Mentally
9.Subtracting Numbers Mentally
10.Adding Numbers
11.Subtracting Numbers
12.Estimating Answers
13.Missing Number Problems
14.3, 4, and 8 Times Tables
15.Multiplication Problems
16.Division Problems
17.Introducing Tenths
18.Recognising Tenths
19.Writing Fractions of Amounts
20.Recognising Fractions as Numbers
21.Equivalent Fractions
22.Adding Fractions
23.Subtracting Fractions
24.Comparing and Ordering Fractions
25.Finding Fractions
26.Measuring Lengths
27.Adding and Subtracting Masses
28.Adding and Subtracting Volumes
29.Measuring Perimeter of Shapes
30.Adding and Subtracting Money
31.Reading Time
32.Time Questions
33.2D Shapes
34.Recognising Angles
36.Drawing Pictograms  
37.Interpreting Pictograms 
38.Drawing Bar Charts
39.Interpreting Bar Charts
40.Information in Tables


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