Weekly General Knowledge Quiz A

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Product Description

40 powerpoint quizzes - Something EVERY school will want.

Each quiz contains 10 questions on the themes of:

 Books,  People,  Flags,  Science & Nature,  Entertainment,

History,  Sport,  The Arts,  Geography,  General Knowledge.




Encourage your form to take part each week - Develop their thirst for knowledge and competitive spirit with these weekly quizzes.  As there are 40 quizes, there's one for each week of the school year.  You can be sure that your class will look forward to taking part each week

Questions appear at 30 second interval, and the pupils can play either individually or in teams to write down the answers.  The answers then appear on the screen for checking - so only peer marking is involved.

Once purchased, the quizzes can be used for any classes within your school.

(The files could even be put on your school network or staff pen drives so that everyone in your school has access to them)

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